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Gia 2003's Sponsorship Page
Gia 2003

Gia is a very sweet, approx. 1.5-2 years old, GSD mix. She may not be a pure-bred GSD, but what she lacks in breed distinction, she makes up for with her winning personality and unwavering loyalty. She is full of young playful puppy energy with the perks of being fully house broken and crate trained. She loves to run around with her toys and roll around in the grass but has learned when it’s time to just chill and relax. She has adapted well into her foster home's routine and is very easy-going. She loves car rides and new adventures. Being that she was on the streets and then in boarding for over a year, living in a house is new to her, but not phasing her one bit. Despite her rough start in life, she is adapting very well and learning that not everything in the world is scary or bad. She tends to be a little more nervous around men but has never shown any aggression. As with any young pup, she can be a little mouthy and would benefit from ongoing training but has already mastered sit, lay down, look, wait before walking through the door and loose leash waking. She has not shown aggression towards other dogs but rather wants to show dominance. She just needs slow introduction. We are working with her to redirect that behavior and she is taking to it very well. If the other dog is not reactive back, then she has no problem and wants to play but we are still unsure what she would do if the other dog were to react back to her. Overall, Gia is the perfect petite size (about 50lbs) with the cutest stubby ears and wants nothing more than to be your best loyal friend. She does seem to relate better to females. 

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We have many dogs that have special needs and/or expensive vet bills. Those with no foster homes have boarding bills to pay for. Some have to go through heartworm treatment; some come to us with parasites, mange, or illnesses/injuries that were not properly taken care of, orthopedic issues or problems related to abuse. We depend heavily on donations as our adoption fees alone cannot pay for the care of these dogs. Sponsoring a dog with a monetary donation will help S.H.A.R.E. continue to save dogs that may need a little extra care, can't find a home quickly or may have training needs. We thank you for anything you can contribute to these wonderful animals.