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Sonic 3041's Sponsorship Page
Sonic 3041

Sonic ended up in a shelter where they let an 18 year old adopt him.  The 18 year old brings him home to the family and the family says nope!!  So instead of returning him back to the rescue, a neighbor took Sonic and contacted SHARE.  We couldn’t let him go back to the shelter so we of course took him.

Sonic is an incredible dog.  It seems as if he has had some obedience training.  Sonic is house trained and crate trained.  And boy is he handsome!!  He is a very high energy dog with an extreme ball drive.  So far prey drive hasn’t been seen.  He may even be cat friendly.

Sonic walks nicely on a leash and is fantastic in the car.  Due to his drive he would do best with an active family with no other dogs and no young children.  Sonic is a working line German Shepherd Dog therefore he does need someone with experience with the breed.

Sonic is located near West Palm Beach.



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We have many dogs that have special needs and/or expensive vet bills. Those with no foster homes have boarding bills to pay for. Some have to go through heartworm treatment; some come to us with parasites, mange, or illnesses/injuries that were not properly taken care of, orthopedic issues or problems related to abuse. We depend heavily on donations as our adoption fees alone cannot pay for the care of these dogs. Sponsoring a dog with a monetary donation will help S.H.A.R.E. continue to save dogs that may need a little extra care, can't find a home quickly or may have training needs. We thank you for anything you can contribute to these wonderful animals.